Wonton to go home

Hey! Don’t worry. We’re still both alive!

2016 was quite the year. It was a year of a lot of firsts for us. First time in culinary school. First (and last) time we got married. First time being a real doctor with our first patients. First time getting a real paycheck in a while. First time we’ve had to work through the holidays. First time we’ve spent Christmas together as our own little family. First time we haven’t seen our families over the holidays (except when my sister came to visit).

Nonetheless if we truly consider home to be where the heart is, then we’ve been truly blessed to have family in CA, Colorado, New Orleans, and now DC.

That being said, prior to last week, Sarah and I hadn’t seen each for close to 2 weeks time thanks to the joys of working opposite schedules. Boy did that suck. We tried to make the best of things; FaceTiming if there was any downtime, leaving notes and pictures for one another, prepping breakfast/dinner for each other to come home to, and of course dressing up our respective pillows in clothes so the other could have a snuggle buddy. I’d like to say that we had quite a lot of fun with the latter endeavor. One morning I had left my pillow surrogate cold and completely uncovered with all the blankets and sheets on Sarah’s side in a little nest. Art imitating life.

Shrimp and Bamboo Wontons


  • bamboo shoots                                1.5 cups, diced
  • shrimp                                               2 lb, heads removed, cleaned, trimmed, diced
  • ginger                                            2 cm, minced
  • garlic                                              3 cloves, minced
  • cooking wine                                    2 T
  • white pepper                                    1.5 T
  • salt                                                       1 T
  • wonton wrappers                            1 pack, (these should be square shaped)
  • broth
  • green onions                                    garnish 

This is another one of my mom’s recipes that you will find my sister and me requesting every time we go home. It’s simple, but the flavors are absolutely fantastic yet the overall dish is very light.

Start by putting your diced bamboo shoots and shrimp into a large bowl. I leave them in slightly larger chunks because I like the texture. Fresh bamboo shoots are preferable as the preserved ones sometimes leave a slightly sour flavor. Add the minced ginger and garlic, cooking wine, white pepper, and salt. Mix with your hands. There’s really no need for any binder in this recipe as the shrimp serves this purpose. Take your wonton wrapper and place 1 tsp of filling in the center. Lightly run a finger with some water around the edges and fold into a triangle. Fold the ends together once more into the shape seen in the picture. Repeat until you’ve used all your filling and/or wrappers. Heat up the broth to boiling and drop in wontons for 3-5 minutes (you do not want to overcook the shrimp). Garnish with green onions and enjoy.



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