I (Th)Ink I Can

Some days just flow. One task transitions effortlessly into another, checking off boxes on the to do list one after another. Patients are happy. They are going home. The entire team just feels like we’re working like a well-oiled machine. Those days are easy, and time seems to fly by. Then there are other days that tend to be a bit more trying. Sometimes it feels like I’m chipping away at one Sisyphean task after another and there are always fires to be put out at the most inopportune times. In these times, I’m supremely thankful for the support of my co-residents, attending physicians, the nurses. But  I want to acknowledge our medical students.

I’m in pediatrics so I have to bring up one of my favorite children’s books, The Little Engine That Could. Too often, I hear students introduce themselves as “just a medical student.” I find this notion to be preposterous and always think back to that tale of that little blue engine puffing and chugging over the hill. There are definitely days where it feels like my med students carry me over the hump of the day so we all make it to the other side. I’m always impressed by your curiosity and thoughtful questions. Thanks for all your hard work.You guys make this 21 day work week much more pleasurable.

Catalan Calamar


Yet another one of those simple, fast, and delicious recipes inspired by our Barcelona trip. It truly does not require anything more than squid, olive oil, salt, and parsley. The fresher the squid, the better the flavor.


  • Squid                          3, cleaned and cut into rings
  • Olive oil                     1/2 T
  • Parsley                       Chopped
  • Salt                              To taste

Heat oil in a pan at high heat. Once oil is hot, add squid. Saute for only about 1 minute. Squid cooks very fast and if you leave it in too long, the texture turns into rubber. Remove squid from pan and add salt. Garnish with chopped parsley. Serve with a small drizzle of olive oil.

Chug chug. Puff puff.




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