The Cutting Edge

Sarah and I feel very fortunate to get to spend an entire month at Johnson & Wales for culinary school. Although we spent most of today figuring out all the logistics for this rotation, we did take time to do something very important.


Sarah sharpening a knife with whetstone

Now if you’re like me, you might think sharpening your knife like this in front of your friends makes you look like a badass:


In fact, you just made yourself look like a jackass because this is NOT sharpening but rather ‘honing.’ Honing does NOT sharpen a knife, but rather just straightens the edge. I could go on but Alton Brown does a much better job in this video.

There are many techniques for sharpening, but it seems most culinary people use a whetstone that you can lubricate with oil or water (I prefer water because it is a bit less messy). Today, Chef Todd recommended getting one with 1000 & 6000 grit. Unless you let your knives completely go to hell, chances are you won’t need something much coarser. There are plenty of great YouTube videos on how to use a whetstone appropriately.

Remember kids: Dull knives are way more dangerous and cause more accidents than sharp knives. Stay sharp!




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